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We are looking forward to see you!

Please check here if we have rooms available on the dates you have chosen. Automatic notification will be sent to you in e-mail.

We will also send you a confirmation with a request for payment of the accommodation fee. Please transfer or settle the total amount by credit card within 2 working days of the confirmation e-mail to fix your booking. After this, we will send you a confirmation of the booking and the invoice for the deposit.

Terms of cancellation

You can cancel your reservation 10 days before your arrival date free of charge. Unfortunately, if something comes up later, we may not be able to fill the accommodation you have booked, so we will have to withhold part of the accommodation fee.

If you cancel your booking 7-10 days before your arrival, we will refund 70% of the fee, and if you cancel 3-7 days before your first night, we will refund 50% of the fee to your bank account. If you wish to cancel your reservation within 3 days before the start of your stay, we will be obliged to withhold the full amount of the stay.

Instead, you also have the possibility to ask a friend to come in your place! Please make sure you contact us by email at szallas@accomo.hu, we will be happy to help you transfer your booking to someone else!

Relax with us!

Accomo Apartment House welcomes you, your family and even your whole group of friends. We are also happy to host team building events for your company.
For special requests, please feel free to contact us!

If you are bringing a pet, please let us know at the time of booking! We can accommodate one small, house-trained pet (with proof of compulsory vaccinations) for a fee of 5.000 HUF / night.

In addition to the accommodation fee, guests over 18 years of age are obliged to pay city tax, which costs 550 HUF / person / night.

Our rooms are equipped with magnetic card locks for your comfort and security. Upon arrival, we charge a deposit of 10.000 HUF for the cards, the door opener and the TV remote control, which you can pay in cash. We will refund the deposit in full when you leave.

Please make sure you read our terms and conditions!

Both because you have to accept it by the booking and because we have worked a lot on it.

Accomo Apartment House

Siófok, Karinthy Frigyes Street 2.

Phone: +36/30/356-43-38
Email: szallas@accomo.hu

The manager of the accommodation is Scala Novum Kft.