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What not to miss when you're in Siófok?


The water-tower, renovated in 2012, is one of the main tourist attractions, with a panoramic elevator from the ground floor to the top, where there is a café, with tables that rotate around the room, so you can enjoy a drink and see the whole city.

Petőfi promenade

Probably the most popular street in Siófok. It is lively 24 hours a day in summer. Bars, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, bazaar, arcades are the place for families and couples to hang out during the day. After sunset the buzzling nightlife starts, bars and discos open and people dance till dawn.

Millenium park

The park in front of the railway station’s building also invites you to take a break from sightseeing, and there are also interactive attractions such as the Imre Kálmán music pavilion.

Jókai park

Jókai Park, at the beginning of Petőfi promenade, is a huge green area where you can spend peaceful, quiet minutes next to the always bustling promenade. An open-air theatre is also open here in the summer.

Harbour and rose garden

With its 6000 planted roses and 70 varieties in fabulous colours and fragrances, the Rose Garden was renovated in 2022 also with a unique fountain in the harbour neighbourhood. If you want to go to sail, scheduled boats, tour boats, party boats and children’s adventure boats depart daily from the harbour during the high season.

Makovecz Imre's Owl Church

A few minutes’ walk from the Millennium Park is the Evangelist Church, which is definitely worth to see from the outside for its uniqueness.